Spofec, the Novitec division that has been modifying Rolls-Royce models since 2014, presents Rolls-Royce Wraith Overdose. This is a preparation made on the basis of the exclusive British coupe that will be limited to only eight copies, each one having a series of specific aesthetic elements, which along with the other modifications made in the engine, contribute to show the of this powerful vehicle. Many of the novelties presented by Roll-Royce Wraith prepared by Spofec in relation to the production Wraith are visible, as their new swollen wheel arches, which extend the body in no less than 13 centimeters. This, coupled with its smaller ground clearance (- 40 mm) and its new 22-inch diameter alloy wheels, gives it a much more intimidating appearance. In addition, to enhance their weight, the outer attachments are manufactured entirely in carbon fiber. This allows the Rolls-Royce Wraith Overdose by Spofec to be lighter than the standard model, to which also contribute its new high-performance brakes, which can eliminate 38 kg. As you can see in the image gallery, for now Novitec did not publish photos of the interior of the Wraith of Spofec, but the Germans inform that they offer the possibility that the client completely customize it to their liking. What does not jump at first sight are the modifications made in the mechanical part, because under the hood of the Wraith prepared by Spofec hides a 6.6 V12 biturbo engine which, for the occasion, reaches impressive 707 horsepower and 986 Nm of torque – produces 632 hp and 800 Nm in its standard configuration. In this way, you can now accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.2 seconds (before 4.6 seconds) and reach a maximum speed limited to 250 km / h.


The Rolls-Royce Ghost 1001 Nights features a two-tone body: brown and orange. A thin line separates the two colors and shows Arab motifs both inside and outside the vehicle. Delicately finished in every detail, the Rolls-Royce continues to retain its 6.8 liter V8 mechanics line, as well as the three-speed automatic transmission. This particular model will not be sold as a special or limited edition, but will be one of the countless options that customers can choose from. This type of finishing will not be in high demand in Europe and the US, but the British brand has a very strong market in the Persian Gulf region where this type of finish should fit better. After North America, the Middle East is the largest Rolls-Royce market. Last year, the official Abu Dhabi dealer sold more units than any of the other 126 dealers worldwide. This does not include distributors in the Dubai and Sharjah regions, as well as additional showrooms in Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and three more in ford mustang car covers.


The Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe Tiger and Rolls-Royce Ghost Golf Edition are the two new features that the British brand has led to the Dubai Salon 2015. Undoubtedly, the event is very important for luxury brands, since it is in this region of the world that focuses much of its sales. It is a tradition that Rolls-Royce always offers the Arab markets with special and specific versions made with the collaboration of their local dealers.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe Tiger Edition is a unique color combination inspired by tigers, hence its name. At the bottom of the vehicle comes an orange named ‘Burnt Orange’, while for the top of the body was chosen a golden tone called ‘Arizona Sun’. The centers of the titanium wheels also take a color in the same tone of the body, and the tires count on an exclusive white range, like the older vehicles. Inside, luxury reaches its maximum level. Remembering that the Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe is the most expensive model of the British brand, along with the long version of the Rolls-Royce Phantom. That’s why, in its interior, the luxury reaches a new level, with a perfectly matched brown and cream leather upholstery. To emphasize the exclusivity of the model, two cards have been installed that identify the version. The other novelty is based on Rolls-Royce Ghost and was christened Golf Edition. The model was commissioned by the distributor of the brand in the United Arab Emirates and has a combination of colors also very interesting. The green color, called ‘Brooklands Green’, evokes the mood of golf courses, while the greenish-white contrast roof, hood and bonnet endow the model with an exclusive and very elegant image. Although no photos were provided, the interior combines cream and green. As in the Phantom Coupe Tiger, a badge identifies this exclusive version, which will certainly feature golf equipment in the trunk.


– Only three units of the model will be produced

Rolls-Royce presented today (20), the Ghost Mysore Collection, with the British automaker continuing to bet on the customizations proper to its models. The model is based on the Ghost version with the long wheelbase and will have only three units produced, all intended for the Abu Dhabi emirate.  The edition is inspired by Tipu Sultan, ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore, India, during a period of the XVIII Century. The body has two tones, blue in the base and the hood, and white in the ceiling and in the trunk, also bearing the emblem of a peacock. Inside, the two-color trend holds, with wood trim and white leather trim, showing the bengal tiger on the headrests. The engine continues to be the 6.6-liter V12 producing 563 hp.


Bespoke, customization department of Rolls-Royce, presented a special edition based on Ghost. This is the Rolls-Royce Ghost Panda Edition, a special limited edition that had inspiration in Panda bears and logically has as destination the Chinese market. The car is painted in two shades of brown, with the leather interior in brown and beige. It features wood-trimmed décor and brown and beige accents. The figure of a Panda bear is embroidered on head rests and benches. The powertrain was not changed.


Rolls-Royce through its Bespoke personalization division introduced another ‘one-off’, a unique version of Rolls-Royce Ghost that comes out painted in silver and red, targeting a member of the royal family of Saudi Arabia. The luxurious interior of the Ghost Red Diamond features brown and burgundy leather upholstery, a kind of wine color, quality wood trim and 41 diamonds. In mechanical terms the car has not undergone any changes, remaining the 6.6 liter V12 engine producing 600 hp and 780 Nm of torque.


Rolls-Royce took advantage of the Chengdu Hall to introduce the Ghost Series II to the vast Chinese market. Customers who live in China and neighboring countries can now enjoy the latest technologies used by Rolls-Royce and join executives and business owners from around the world who drive a vehicle of this premium brand. During the revelation of the Ghost Series II at the Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Center (CCNICEC), Rolls-Royce Regional Director responsible for the Chinese market, Henrik Wilhemsmeyer, said “The Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II is the ultimatum in terms tool for the business entrepreneur. Following the worldwide success of its predecessor, I am confident that this updated Rolls-Royce will continue to attract and increase the number of brand new customers, particularly business people seeking a quiet oasis in the hectic world of business. ” Externally the Ghost Series II features a redesigned front with new bold and futuristic headlights, all in LEDs, the bumper has also been redesigned and updated, as well as improving brake cooling, the traditional Rolls-Royce grille was kept unchanged, as were the lines on the sides, windows and rear of the car. The Ghost now has the new and sporty wheel options available, as standard it comes with 19-inch wheels, but can optionally come with 21-inch forged aluminum wheels, ie single-piece, sturdier and lighter than wheels cast aluminum. The great climax of a Rolls-Royce is the comfort that its interior offers. The Ghost Series II retained the same panel and displays as the original model released in 2009, but this version boasts an even more exquisite finish with new material options for panel, ceiling, column and door coverings as well as new equipment. The seats have been redesigned and come with new ergonomic options for electrical adjustments, where in the rear the occupant can recline the seat as an armchair, and the rear seats also have heating and cooling system, massagers, all controlled by a console which lies between the banks.

In Series II Ghost is more technological, the multi-media system comes with a screen larger than 10.25 inches and incorporates new features such as connection to Wi-Fi internet and satellite transmission (SAT). The system also has a 25GB hard drive for storing information, music and videos, all of which can be controlled by both the driver and the passengers of the rear seat through two console with buttons and a central rotary knob in the center, which allows the navigate through system options, leaving one console between the front seats and another in the rear seat. Another interesting detail is the satellite transmission, Satellite Aided Transmission. This innovative system inaugurated by Rolls Royce Wraith in 2013, works in real time with satellite information through the GPS signal, sending the car data on the route in real time. In this way the system adjusts the car to suit the best possible route and driving pattern of the driver, for example by adjusting the 8-speed ZF gearbox and the V12 engine when approaching a more closed curve, as the driver wants to make the curve. When the driver takes his foot off the accelerator, the system holds the gear down, ensuring that the engine stays in high gear and delivering maximum power and torque at the turnoff, providing a more pleasurable, safe and sporty ride. In the mechanical part there were no changes, the Ghost Series II remains with a V6 engine of 6.6 liters and 570 hp, coupled to an automatic gearbox ZF of eight speeds.


German coach Mansory showed off her new work on the Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II, presented earlier this year during the Geneva Motor Show. The visual transformations have relative good taste, especially if compared to other works of the brand.  Ghost won a new bumper, with larger air intakes, and another carbon fiber hood. The sumptuous sedan still features side skirts and a small spoiler over the trunk lid. Inside, there is leather Alcantara, wood, aluminum and carbon fiber in the finish, which has the same unusual colors of the exterior. Mansory installed 22-inch wheels and modified the suspension by lowering the center of gravity by 50 mm. However, the system preserved the electronic height control. The model also gained mechanical changes with a new exhaust system and changes in power electronics that raised the power of the 6.6-liter V6 engine from 570 hp to 652 hp and the torque from 780 Nm to an incredible 1,050 Nm. With the changes, the Ghost accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.3 seconds and reaches 280 km / h.

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